Why am I doing this?

There’s no perfect way to kick off this blog other than to just begin. The goal for this is to share my experiences in meditation or “awakening” in these articles live as they happen. These are all written stream of consciousness as editing only cheapens the message after the fact.

I’m 27 years old, male, I’m an only child, I graduated from George Washington University in DC with a BBA and I’m a magna cum laude graduate. I’ve been told I’m contentious, argumentative, and have difficulty focusing. Contrarily I’ve also been told I’m charming, entertaining, and have tremendous focus. I’ve concluded so far in my life that everyone is full of shit, including myself.

I’m embarking on this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts as they pop into my head. Something something, personal brand, but mainly to be used as a tool to be shaped and honed as time moves on.

What can I say here that is true? Almost anything I say about my story can have an infinite number of perspectives.

I could say that I am embarking on a spiritual path because I feel inspired, you could say it’s because I failed the material world. I could say that I’ve had a few moments of lucidity, you could call it a delusion. I could say I like to write, you could say I don’t like to do.

One thing is certain. When I think about things deeply enough it results in confusion and I question the validity of everything.

It’s important to note at this juncture that I’ve never taken drugs.

Until next time.